Preprint / Version 1

A Visual Representation of Truth and Power for African American Women



The polarizing political climate of Los Angeles has infiltrated both the personal and professional spheres of the city. Power is at play, as opposing parties consisting of contrasting ideologies mostly segregated by race consistently strive to ensure that their ideas are heard and accepted. Within the current climate, many firmly believe that the act of minorities exercising power takes away power from majority groups. The concept of power is infiltrated within even the most inconspicuous acts from those that reside within the margins. As in the case for African American women, a minority population that has been historically placed in the margins, it could be as simple as what, how, and where materials are worn against the Black body. The act of dressing in particular materials help to greatly leverage power and exposes that power can be exercised through carefully choosing what is worn. Truth is then exposed, as giving this group a voice because of the way they are dressed results in more equal and equitable representation during decision making processes and contributes to the diversity of thought. This poster demonstrates that power that is granted and due to social inclusions and exclusions, which is directly dependent on what is worn within professional settings for African American women.


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