Preprint / Version 1

Using Archaeology to Help Undergraduates Develop Teamwork Skills



Teamwork is a skill that many employers value, yet studies suggest college graduates rarely excel in this area. Since teamwork is not unique to any one discipline, it can be incorporated into nearly any type of course. We, as instructors, can provide students with multiple opportunities to practice collaborating in teams, receive peer and instructor feedback, and positively contribute to improving student competencies. Further, studies have shown that collaboration provides additional social, psychological, and academic benefits. Team-Based Learning (TBL), an evidence-based collaborative teaching strategy, is one way of incorporating collaboration and teamwork into classes. This poster presents a case study for how TBL was implemented in a high enrollment (approx. 100 students), online, general education introductory archaeology course. I will discuss the TBL process that was used (including assignment formats/timing and team formation), comparisons between implementation in a synchronous and asynchronous online class, and tips for incorporating TBL online. Additionally, I will examine student perceptions about their own skills and the course content, collected through a pre- and post- survey within the class.


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